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Downton Anachronism: “Have Gun Will Travel”

The Downton Abbey script must be full of anachronisms if I’m spotting them.

In the Series 3 trailer, Cora was unfazed by her husband’s announcement that they face life changing austerity ahead and replied with the line “I’m an American. Have gun, will travel.”

Oddly enough last year I became a fan of the old TV Western Have Gun-Will Travel, so I knew exactly where that reference came from. This was a late 50s early 60s horse opera about a detective and gun for hire who used that line as his calling card. The show’s writer came up with it drawing on the expression “Have tux, will travel” used by job-seeking theater actors.

Even if it’s not quite right, it is a very appropriate line for Cora. I’m hopeful she will become a more substantial character, a bit of The Unsinkable Molly Brown to her wont hurt.

On another note, this is the second time Julian Fellowes alluded to American cowboys on Downton Abbey.

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